SPOGOMI stands for “Sport x Trash Pickup,” a sport born in Japan in 2008 in which teams compete for points awarded according to the amount and type of trash picked up in a given area within a time limit. SPOGOMI sponsored tournaments in 21 countries worldwide where the winning team represented their country in the final SPOGOMI World Cup 2023 which was held in Tokyo, Japan on November 22, 2023. See Japan’s coverage of the event below.

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Stay tuned as we prepare for the 2nd World Cup in 2 years! We’re currently revamping our website for future Canadian events. Preliminary events will be held to determine qualifiers to represent Canada in the 2025 World Cup.
The winning team of 3 members get an all-expenses paid trip to Japan to represent Canada in the World Cup!

Please be patient with us as we get things organized, thank you!
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